10 Military-Focused Nonprofits Making a Difference

The month of November is typically thought of as a month of gratitude and giving back. Maybe you’ve already maxed out your 2020 charitable giving, but if you happen to be looking for a place to give, consider one of these top ten military-focused nonprofit organizations making a difference.  According to Charity Navigator, annually, over […]

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fall decorAgent Intel IMAGE RESIZE

DIY Fall Decorating

Are you looking for some easy and affordable ways to get your home fall-ready for celebrating holidays, relaxing with family, or for a pleasant change of scenery? Below are six suggestions that you can do yourself to have a space that says “Welcome Fall” no matter the occasion.  Use What You Have Maybe you haven’t […]

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front porch with fall decor

Front Yard Appeal

Fall is definitely in the air! Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and beautiful foliage are tell-tale signs that the seasons are changing. For many, the changing of the seasons is also a signal that it’s time to spruce up your outdoor spaces as you settle into the autumn months. Make sure your house is ready for […]

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children in costume trick or treating in neighborhood with a dog

To Trick or Treat?

Most normal years, people have strong feelings one way or the other about Halloween and trick or treating. This year, while the option may still be available in most communities, extra considerations and precautions must be incorporated. Below are four ideas to keep in mind to make sure you feel like you’ve been treated instead […]

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Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Buying or Selling a Home

Buying or selling a home will likely be one of the greatest financial decisions most people will make in their lifetime. Oftentimes this decision can be made from a place of feelings and emotion rather than logic and wisdom. For many military families, these decisions are compounded by difficult challenges like unfamiliar markets, doing business […]

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woman using smart phone in home to control the temperature

DIY: Simple Technology Upgrades for Your Home

There are simple technology upgrades that you can do in nearly every room in your home. For most, you don’t need expensive or specialty tools. Just a weekend and a little bit of work. Not only will many of these projects lead to a smarter, happier home, but many of them could also add dollars […]

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AI Blog Site Top 5 Apps Every Home Buyer

Top 5 Apps Every Home Buyer Should Have

You may have heard it said recently, “There’s an app for everything.” Actually, that’s true! Having access to apps and technology can benefit you nowhere more, than during the home buying process. Whether you are PCSing and searching from afar or have simply decided to move off base and into your own home, below are […]

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Technological Updates You Can Make to Your Home to Increase Its Value

Today’s home buyers are still looking for traditional selling points like a great location, liveable layout, and a beautiful space to call home. However, that’s not all. These days upgrades with predictive features and automated smart home technology are also catching buyers’ attention. When it comes to upgrades that add value to your home, it’s […]

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How New Technology AgentSiteIMAGE

How New Technology Is Affecting the Real Estate Market

Suppose you thought you noticed a trend for many goods and services trending digital before March of 2020. In that case, you may have really seen the shift when so many industries and business operations had to go virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. Real estate was not only impacted by this as well, but […]

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10 Tips to Give Your Home That Welcoming Feeling

Whether you are looking to list your home for sale or you are simply looking to settle into a new or existing space, having a house that looks welcoming and hospitable is a must. If you think your home isn’t quite Pinterest or Instagram-worthy, never fear! With a few simple and inexpensive (or free!) changes, […]

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