Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Buying or Selling a Home

Buying or selling a home will likely be one of the greatest financial decisions most people will make in their lifetime. Oftentimes this decision can be made from a place of feelings and emotion rather than logic and wisdom. For many military families, these decisions are compounded by difficult challenges like unfamiliar markets, doing business […]

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AI Blog Site Top 5 Apps Every Home Buyer

Top 5 Apps Every Home Buyer Should Have

You may have heard it said recently, “There’s an app for everything.” Actually, that’s true! Having access to apps and technology can benefit you nowhere more, than during the home buying process. Whether you are PCSing and searching from afar or have simply decided to move off base and into your own home, below are […]

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Technological Updates You Can Make to Your Home to Increase Its Value

Today’s home buyers are still looking for traditional selling points like a great location, liveable layout, and a beautiful space to call home. However, that’s not all. These days upgrades with predictive features and automated smart home technology are also catching buyers’ attention. When it comes to upgrades that add value to your home, it’s […]

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How New Technology Is Affecting the Real Estate Market

Suppose you thought you noticed a trend for many goods and services trending digital before March of 2020. In that case, you may have really seen the shift when so many industries and business operations had to go virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. Real estate was not only impacted by this as well, but […]

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Arranging Your Home with Workspaces

Whether you are in the market for a new home and looking for something with a floor plan with lots of room separation and a home office or you are simply desiring to make your current space more functional, below are some space planning considerations to keep in mind. If you are still in the […]

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Your Dream Backyard Image2

Your Dream Backyard

During your home search, whether visiting homes virtually or online, many “must-haves” are obvious: a great location, the right schools, updated kitchens and bathrooms, ample square footage, and more. One often overlooked, but arguably–an equally important feature of any home is the backyard space. The practicality of a house drives much of the decision-making in […]

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Ways to Invest for Your Future

Times are uncertain right now. Peek in on Wall Street on any given day and you might see wild swings of more than 1,000 points either way. With people out of work, PCS orders on hold, and the general confusion as to when things will “return to normal,” it can seem as if the last […]

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Coping with COVID-19’s Impact on PCS Season

Here are a few ideas to help you navigate this PCS season fraught with social distancing and travel restrictions. Fortunately, technology affords us some great solutions to both home shopping and selling in these interesting times. Ask for virtual home tours. A good real estate agent will be flexible and accommodating, and it never hurts […]

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Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents

By: Jessica, U.S. Coast Guard Spouse   Remember the awkwardness of a first date? Well, that’s kind of how it feels when looking for a real estate agent every time we move. We’ve tackled six moves in 14 years of marriage, so you can be sure I’ve had plenty of first-date feels when trying to […]

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Things to Consider When Insuring Your Home

Congratulations on taking the plunge into homeownership! This new level of adulting can bring about many other new purchases and decisions. And we’re not talking about curtains and flooring here: We mean homeowners insurance. You’ve probably had to secure insurance for your car, and we hope you’ve had renters insurance in the past, but homeowners […]

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