children in costume trick or treating in neighborhood with a dog

To Trick or Treat?

Most normal years, people have strong feelings one way or the other about Halloween and trick or treating. This year, while the option may still be available in most communities, extra considerations and precautions must be incorporated. Below are four ideas to keep in mind to make sure you feel like you’ve been treated instead […]

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7 Ways to Get Connected in 30 Days

Imagine your PCS has been full of delays. Imagine you are just arriving at your next duty assignment weeks or even months later than you originally expected. You are anxious to get your house settled and your family established in new patterns of life. Whether it is a firm start date for school or a […]

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DIY: Road Trip Kit

Whether your summer travels include a PCS or a long-awaited trip to the beach or to visit family you haven’t seen in months, taking proper planning measures can make all the difference. No matter the type of trip, for most people space inside the vehicle is at a premium. Thankfully, you don’t need a lot […]

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Youve Arrived Now What 1200x630Agent Site

You’ve Arrived, Now What?

After weeks and perhaps months of planning, your PCS has come and gone. Hopefully, the curtains are hung, and all the boxes are unpacked (or at least neatly stacked in the garage to be dealt with at a later time). You have settled and it’s time to check out your new city. It can be […]

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Relocation Resources and Services for Military Families

Moving, especially with the military, can feel overwhelming. The process of leaving one duty assignment and arriving at the next has many steps and stages; some of which can feel daunting and out of your control. It doesn’t have to feel that way! Thankfully, the relocation industry is thriving and full of resources that pride […]

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Saving Money for a PCS

One of the most frequently cited stresses in the life of most adults centers around money. For military families on the cusp of a relocation, adding a financial strain to an already exasperating situation isn’t something you should have to worry about. With a little clarity on the process and some advanced planning, having financial […]

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7 Tips for Decluttering as You Prepare to Sell Your Home

If you’re preparing for a PCS move and need to declutter to get ready to put your house on the market, we’ve got the tips you need to make it happen. These ideas can help you quickly tackle the task of thinning things out, so you can start spending your free time daydreaming about your […]

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Coping with COVID-19’s Impact on PCS Season

Here are a few ideas to help you navigate this PCS season fraught with social distancing and travel restrictions. Fortunately, technology affords us some great solutions to both home shopping and selling in these interesting times. Ask for virtual home tours. A good real estate agent will be flexible and accommodating, and it never hurts […]

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DIY: Home Staging

 Ever wonder how a living could be made by decorating and fake furnishing empty homes? It’s because home staging works to sell homes more quickly and often for higher price tags than those that have not been staged. But what if you don’t have thousands to spend on a professional stager right before a move? […]

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Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents

By: Jessica, U.S. Coast Guard Spouse   Remember the awkwardness of a first date? Well, that’s kind of how it feels when looking for a real estate agent every time we move. We’ve tackled six moves in 14 years of marriage, so you can be sure I’ve had plenty of first-date feels when trying to […]

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