10 Military-Focused Nonprofits Making a Difference

The month of November is typically thought of as a month of gratitude and giving back. Maybe you’ve already maxed out your 2020 charitable giving, but if you happen to be looking for a place to give, consider one of these top ten military-focused nonprofit organizations making a difference.  According to Charity Navigator, annually, over […]

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DIY Fall Decorating

Are you looking for some easy and affordable ways to get your home fall-ready for celebrating holidays, relaxing with family, or for a pleasant change of scenery? Below are six suggestions that you can do yourself to have a space that says “Welcome Fall” no matter the occasion.  Use What You Have Maybe you haven’t […]

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front porch with fall decor

Front Yard Appeal

Fall is definitely in the air! Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and beautiful foliage are tell-tale signs that the seasons are changing. For many, the changing of the seasons is also a signal that it’s time to spruce up your outdoor spaces as you settle into the autumn months. Make sure your house is ready for […]

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Teaching Kids About Money in a Creative Way

Only 23% of kids say they talk to their parents regularly about money, according to survey results shared by Money Confident Kids. In a 2014 survey of 15-year-olds in the United States, the Organization for Economic Co‑operation and Development found that 18% did not learn fundamental financial skills that are often applied in everyday situations, […]

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Ways to Invest for Your Future

Times are uncertain right now. Peek in on Wall Street on any given day and you might see wild swings of more than 1,000 points either way. With people out of work, PCS orders on hold, and the general confusion as to when things will “return to normal,” it can seem as if the last […]

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Safe at Home: OPSEC Reminders

  We’ve all heard it mentioned every now and then at military ceremonies or gatherings among friends who live the military life. OPSEC—or Operations Security—seems like common sense to most of us. And after all, who is likely to overhear you talking to your Aunt Jamie about your spouse’s deployment dates while chatting about Christmas […]

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DIY: Building an Emergency Prep Kit

By: Jessica, U.S. Coast Guard Spouse   Being from the Midwest, I’m always ready to take on a tornado should it head our way. From the moment I walk into our homes I access what’s the best central-focused closet, sturdy door frame, and/or tub to take shelter in for hours should we have a tornado […]

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It’s (Almost) Tax Time: Tips for Military Homeowners

Congratulations on becoming a homeowner this past year! Whether it’s your first home or your forever home, becoming a homeowner is an exciting time. As we begin the new year, filled with resolutions and intentions, tax season can honestly seem far away. However, a little time spent now can save you immense headaches closer to […]

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5 Holiday Party Gifts to Give This Season

The hours of daylight may be shrinking, but social engagements are keeping our evenings warm and bright this time of year. Before you slip into your favorite ugly holiday sweater and head to the next party on your planner, grab one of these perfectly simple gifts that best matches your host or hostess. the foodie […]

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Giving Back This Holiday Season

Something about the smell of pine, the cooler temps, and the Salvation Army bells ringing in the air bring out a sense of goodwill in most folks. Hey, even Mr. Scrooge eventually came around! Seeing as how 30% of all annual charitable donations take place in December, end-of-year giving campaigns are often one of the […]

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